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Miracle and Music's website was started for the purpose of getting the word out about cool music, cool downloads, softwares, converters and tools available online for casual and fanatic music and video observers the world over. It isn't very often that you hear about interesting tools that are free and available for the masses. But at Miracle and Music this sort of thing is the norm. Download music, and videos and converting them to your content is sort of what we like you to do.

Vision of Miracle and Music

The Vision of Miracle And Music is to help people around the world connect with the music that we love. It's not so much about the software, it's really about the people that use our tools that we make available on our site.

At Miracle and Music, we've made availabe a youtube to mp3 converter, mp3 downloader, games and more.

Miracle and Music has been in business from 2020

Please know that when it comes to Youtube Downloads from youtube we strongly advocate contacting copyright holders for permission. It's only fair to them as it is their work. We only provide our own work for download and use here for this download tool. So you're free to use our work that we created in house. At Miracle and Music we only allow downloads from our own personal archives from youtube.

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